Capacitor and Contactors

  • Capacitor


Compact Cylindrical Construction
3 Phase, Delta Connection
Easy Banking
Non-PCB Encapsulant
Maximum Temperature withstanding capacity
Self Healing Properties
Explosion proof design
Safe Touch Proof terminals
Longer life expectancy

  • Capacitor Contactor

Capacitor Contactor

Suitable for power supply system AC 50/60 HZ with main circuit voltage 380V
Available upto 50 RVAR
Provided with capacitor switching unit

  • Power Factor Controller

Power Factor Controller

Microprocessor based intelligent auto switching control
Automatic C/K and rated step adjustment
Automatic CT polarity correction
Display of power factor, current & total harmonic distortion of current
Programmable sensitivity
Last step can be used as alarm/fan output
Under/over voltage alarm, under/over compensate alarm & high harmonic distortion alarm