Power Distribution

  • Din Rail Components

Din Rail Components

MCB'S Rating up to 80A
MCB'S available SP, DP, TP, AP
MCB'S in type B, C, D 6KA & 10ICA
Isolators Up to 125A for 2,3&4 Poles RCCB'S 2 & 4 Poles up to 100A
Sensitivity 30mA, 100mA, 300mA
RCBO's 1 & 2 Modules in 6 & 10 KA Modular Contactor 1,2,3&4 Poles 25 & 63A

  • Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

Rating up to 1600A 6 frame sizes
1,2,3,4, poles versions
Short Circuit Breaking Capacity upto 70 KA Fixed and Plug-in type
All Accessories are available for all ranges. Provided with phase barrier

  • Air Circuit Breakers

Air Circuit Breakers

Rating starting from 630A upto 6300A
3 and 4 pole version
Fixed and drawout type
Run-Auto version in 3 & 4 Poles
Trip unit with display and communication facility Mechanical Interlocking facility for 3 & 4 pole version UVR, Short trip, motor operator and Aux. contacts are available for all ranges.