Switchgear Manufacturer

The Company is specialized in manufacturing of low voltage switchgear panels.
The company owns complete metal processing equipments to form any switchboard dimensions to meet the custom site requirements. The company is equipped with the testing facility required for the switchgear.
We have established a complete supervisory system which includes design, raw material purchasing, local control testing and after sales service.
Our product is approved by the local authorities (ADCC,DEWA,SEWA,FEWA ) and ministry of Public Works as well. The major consultants are also approving our products.
Our panels have LOVAG type test certificate.
We assure our customers the best quality and high standardization. Over 20 years we have completed many land mark commercial/residential Buildings, hospitals, factories, Villa complex projects, High Rise buildings and infrastructurer projects as well.
We assure our customers the best design, competitive price quick delivery without compromising the quality.

1- LV Panels

Low voltage panel can be supplied with one or more than one ACB up to 6300A 3 or 4 Poles
Panel can be supplied with PMU (Power Monitoring Unit ) for remote communication with BMS.
Suitable partitions and segregation are provided for proper separation of circuit breakers and busbar to suit the Form2 ,Form3 and Form 4 type 7 of the latest IEC61439 standard.
Safety partitions between the busbar compartment and cable compartment are segregated by bursing plates to facilitate ventilation of heat.
At the lower part of the switchboard the earth and neutral busbar are running on the whole length of the switchboard.
The switchboard can be front or back access as per the site requirements
Separate access door is provided infront of the busbar connections for each replacement of the CT'S can be supplied with protection degree 1P42 or 1P55
Modular Enclosure construction without welding which can be extended for future upgrades.

2- Capacitor Bank

To Improve the P.F. to reduce the power losses.
Can be provided to detuned reactors to protect the capacitors being damaged due to the harmonics
Capacitor bank can be integrated as a part of the main switchboard or as a stand alone unit.
Provided with P.F. controller of 4,6,12 steps.
Each step is protected by HRC fuse directly installed on the busbar system to insure proper cooling of busbar system and to protect the busbar from human touch and gain more space inside the capacitor bank for better ventilation.

3- Motor Control centre

Complying as per IEC 61439
Front or rear access arrangement with separate cabling chambers for top or bottom cable entry. Protection degree of the enclosure is IP30 or IP40 for Form 2 or Form-4
The drawer panel is marked with obvious signs for positions as breaking, making, testing and drawing out
The drawer unit is provided with mechanical interlock device.
Easy mechanism for pushing drawer up to 630A

4- Sub-Main Distribution Panels

Main Incomer can be Isolator or MCCB
Protection degree of the enclosure is IP40 or IP65
KA rating up to 50KA
Main incommer up to 1200 A with as any number of outgoing MCCB'S
Cable entry can be top or bottom
Busbar system can be provided as a pan assembly or
Fabricated as per the panel configuration.

5- Final Distribution Panels

Protection degree of the enclosure is IP41 can be provided as a row type or TPN type Incomer can be of any type iso., MCB, MCCB Enclosure can be flush or surface type

6- Synch. Panels

Protection degree of the enclosure is IP42 or IP65 Can be provided with main incomer 400A up to 6300A for as many incomers as required Synch. Will be achieved by means of microprocessor controller system can be provided with remote monitoring facility via SCADA system or any other system.

7- Starter Panels / BMS panels & Process Control panels

To control the operation of the HVAC equipments can be provided with VFD, Soft starter, star/delta contactor or DOL contactor provided with motor protection and human protection as well.

8 - ATS Panels

Can be provided with Motorized isolator type Motorized MCCB with mechanical interlock contactor type can be provided with single and double bybass system

9 - Street Light Pole Cutout

Specially designed to fix inside the light pole equipped with MCB's/Fuses PVC Glands, Neutral & Earth terminals complete range from one outgoing to six outgoing