VFD & Contractors

Technical Indications

SAPWM control mode: SAPWM vector control
Output frequency range: 0.00 — 400Hz
Command channel mode: operating panel, terminal control, remote communication control
Frequency setting mode digital keyboard setting (current, voltage signal), remote communication setting, multi-phase speed setting. Terminal combination setting PID closed-loop setting
Big starting torque control: 0.5Hz/150% adjustable
Carrier frequency range: 1.0K-10KHz
DC braking function: start and stop DC braking, it can be adjusted individually
Speed control precision:± 0.5% the top speed (SVC) automatism voltage modulate (AVR) can keep output voltage invariableness automatically when the power net and voltage changes.
Automatism restrict current can restrict the maximum current of the motor. And can protect the inverter and the motor reliably
PLC programming control: single cycle, continuous cycle etc which can meet the requirement of various industries
Input and output terminals are programmable, so they are convenient for use
Analog signal output, voltage and current can be selected
Full Range 4KW up to 630 KW, Three phase

Power Contactors

AC contactors is mainly used in the circuit of AC 50Hz/60Hz,rated working voltage up to 630A when rated voltage 380 under AC-3 usage category for long distance making and breaking circuit frequently starting and controlling AC motor, and it can be formed into electromagnetic starter with thermal relay for protecting circuit from the problem operating overload.

Thermal Relay

Four different sizes to cover all range contactors
Setting range 4A up to 630A